viper lounge

The Viper Lounge


Thinking of those gone before,
Those I knew well, those I felt I knew,
Those I would give my eye teeth to have met
And those I only dreamt of.

Where are they apart from in my mind?
Like the flame after the match was extinguished,
I am surely no different.

That makes this moment so miraculously fragile
So impenetrable to the mind
Yet so drenched in heart.

*** *** ***

"Beyond Lucky"

I confess I truly know nothing.
The appearance is a bafflement
The body equally so
And please don't start on the mind.

Slipping through these immense waters nothing stirs.

Once I was surrounded with barriers,
Problems followed hot on each other's heels.
But what can be left when there is no lucky winner, no lucky loser?

*** *** ***