Patching the Void 4 & Poem

"Patching the Void 4 with Poem"

"Tipping Point"

Their came a tipping point that reminded me of simplicity and childhood
When the battles had been put to bed
The abrasions in relationships
Had lost their power to sting
The onward grasp for any preferred state weakened

A transparency occured in which a very primal gratitude arose
Grateful for the teapot and the tablecloth,
For the stranger's forrowed brow or loving look
For giant clouds topping a nearby hill

As a child I watched the sparks taking a walk up the soot of the chimney
I watched the dust pirouetting in the sunbeam;
I saw the spider motionless in her web,
And the heron attending to the river surface

 Patching the Void 4 Poem
51 x 76cms Colour etching Edition of 10
€650 unframed, Postage and packing included

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