City Walls

Work inspired by luminous and crumbling plasterwork from world travels. These paintings were shown at The Norman Gallery and The Vangard Gallery in 2007 and 2008

“Throughout his career, Tim’s work has been marked by a curiosity at the world, a search, a spiritual journey. His recent travels in Europe, Australasia, The Pacific and Mexico, have continued that journey. The paintings are abstract, but also convey his experience of the tangible world of the senses. There is a search for lucidity, yet at times also an opaqueness, as if one has come up against a wall. One should stop, to analyse the shapes, or experience the textures: just as one must accept confusion and pain to find understanding. Then one can commence one’s journey again, make a new start and experience the joys and beauty of the world”.
-Dr Julian Campbell, 2007

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